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My dogs and puppies are first and foremost
and most importantly

Our dogs are family raised in our home. Socialized with older kids, dogs, and cats, we even have a few chickens running around. 

PRICING: Puppies being purchased as PETS ONLY will been discount  $200.00 to help offset the cost of the spay/neuter procedure and also as an incentive to promote responsible pet ownership.

Full price is $1200.00 with full AKC and EJRTCA papers. I MUST approve any puppies being purchased for breeding/showing. .

My BREEDERS CHOICE pick puppy is $1500.00

. A $200.00 fee is required to RESERVE a select puppy until weaned. Final payment is due by 6 weeks of age and MUST be received no later that 7 weeks old. Puppies being adopted after 7 weeks old must be paid in full (CASH ONLY). Puppies can be picked up after the "Well Puppy" veterinary exam at 8 weeks of age. Shipping fee IF APPLICABLE is extra. Cost for shiping is $350.00-$400.00 .Any puppy sold that isn't picked up by 9 weeks old will incur a board charge of $50.00 per week + any necessary age appropriate vet appointment fees.

*DEPOSITS .....Please make sure you are ready to commit to one of our puppies BEFORE you send your deposit. Deposits are only refundable if the puppy chosen doesn't pass the 8 week veterinary well puppy exam, including any age appropriate temperament testing. After entering into a verbal and financial commitment with me, deposit's are NOT refundable if you simply change your mind or find a different puppy from another breeder.

CKC & EJRTCA registered ~AKC available on Show or Breeding Quality puppies only

Airline Shipping is available the extra cost is $400.00

NEW Delivery Service within 1000 miles $250-$300.00

*EJRTCA Registration requirements must be meet as set forth in the BREED STANDARDS. We do not guarantee that our dogs will grow to meet those requirements.

All Pups sold come to you with at least the following,:

Tails docked by our Vet

Dew claws removed by our Vet

1 year guarantee against serious genetic defects

First vaccination administered by our veterinarian (DHPP)

Vaccinations: There has been a lot of controversy regarding vaccinations, immunity both maternal and from vaccines and scheduling. After doing some research We have decided to follow the 8, 12 and 16 week protocol.

De-wormed (at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age) with Nemex 2 and Panacur

fecal exam -tTarget treatment if necessary

"Well Puppy Exams" by a licensed veterinarian at 8 weeks of age

Veterinarian-issued state health certificate if transporting out of state by airlines.

Paper training

Crate training started, and x-pen trained

4 lbs bag of the premium GRAIN FREE puppy food (Pick up only-I can't ship it)


No guarantee on exact size, ear set, or coat color/type at adulthood

JRT Rescue at Russell Rescue So Ca.

All our dogs are PLL tested (Primary Lens Luxation) PLL is NOT a life threatening disease. The reason for testing is so that as a breeder we can make correct choices in mating our dogs and eliminate the potential of producing PLL affected dogs. More information CLICK HERE

PLEASE NOTE: The new USDA Requirements are going to Affect the way you recieve your puppy...... We Will No Longer Offer International shipping unless the Buyer is willing to fly to Boise Idaho. *******Call for details******

A word regarding ranch visits. I do understand the desire to come visit us when we have puppies but everyone must understand my job is to protect these puppies from unnecessary exposure to communicable diseases. Diseases that are easily transmitted from ranch to ranch via foot traffic. I also take very seriously the early social development of my puppies. There is a time and a place for them to be flooded with strange sights and sounds but during the first 4 weeks of life is not the best time to be overwhelmed by too many new people. We like to let the Moms have this time to bond and nurture their pups. We start very early developing their brains and preparing them for a lifetime of POSSITIVE learning. We ask that you respect our need for this quiet, controlled learning time.

At 4 weeks old a LOOK BUT DONT touch visit can be scheduled.

At 6 weeks we then schedule a HAND ON PLAY DATE for anyone who has a deposit in place. That's when the fun begins! If after you meet your puppy you are not 100% IN LOVE I will gladly return your deposit no questions asked and no hurt feelings. This is a serious commitment for all involved and it MUST be the RIGHT fit.

We strive to develop a happy, healthy, well adjusted member of the family.