JDS Jack Russells

The Nursery

The Nursery

Introduction to solid food

Introduction to solid food

Outside puppy play pen on the deck

Puppy play pen on the front deck

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Diana and John Stewart

JDS "IDAHO CELTIC" Jack Russells
Riggins Idaho

Phone: 208-628-2772
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We Are..... Diana, John, Danny and Bonnie Stewart, owners of JDS “Idaho BonnieCeltic" Jack Russell Terriers. Together we raise , EJRTCA and CKC registered English "Shorty Jacks" and AKC "Russell Terriers" from PLL tested parents. We Dannylove sharing our lives and our home with these little/big dogs. Our goal is to produce the perfect pet and companion "Shorty Jack" As a family we spend many hours with every puppy we have had the honor to help create. Breeders have an important responsibility to provide proper experiences for the Johnpuppies they have bred. Mom did not ask to be pregnant and the puppies did not ask to be born. Once they have arrived as the breeder planned, the breeder must take responsibility and socialize these same pups with diligence, care and sincerity. I feel we as a family group have Dianaperfected this task. Genetic health, disposition, conformation and color (the icing on the cake!) are most important to us. Size and show ring ability are NOT our focus but are an added bonus!