What's you should know BEFORE you ask me to take less for my puppy


Raising quality puppies is probably more costly than one might imagine. Besides the obvious cost of quality food, vitamins, regular worming, flea control, and yearly vaccinations for the breeding dogs there are many other costs. Genetic testing is very costly. Quality breeders will pay for these tests on their breeding stock while many breeders do not test. Additional expenses include registering a litter so a new owner can apply for papers, the multiple vet exams and health certificate, docking of tails and removal of dew claws, vaccinations and de-worming, and feeding the litter quality puppy food. A health guarantee must be factored in as well. If you think we charge too much for a puppy consider this:

1) Most breeders who charge less than we do probably do not do genetic testing.

2) Breeders who do genetic testing quite often charge a lot more than we do. We try to provide quality puppies in a medium price range affordable to most prospective buyers.

3) TIME...The time we spend with each puppy can only be measured by their disposition and early socialization skills. Each puppy get's his/her own tailor made program based upon their personal learning profile. Our puppies are raised in the middle of our house not in a shed outside or a kennel in the backyard. It's our responsibility to build the best foundation we can. The end results are priceless!


We make every attempt to be a responsible breeder. We believe responsible buyers will recognize and appreciate this effort!