PLL information borrowed from BrightJacks in Florida

Dedicated to' Preserving the Quality of their Past - Protecting the Quality of their Future.

    Click Here for information about Primary Lens Luxation, (know to include the Jack Russell Terrier Breed)
    PLL testing is available to determine whether a dog is a CARRIER for this diseased gene linked to Blindness.

    As a Breeder, it is my goal is to help eliminate the transfer of this genetic disorder through knowledgeable breeding decisions.
    In 2011, all of my shorties were PLL tested. CLEAR/CARRIER matings remain acceptable and in some cases necessary to retain
    CLEAR prodigy to insure breeders are able to nurture past - present - future bloodlines that have proven to be of great importance to
    the Shortie Jack Breed. However, my personal goal is to work towards standing only CLEAR parents in my breeding program in 2013.
    Click Here to visit VetGen recommended breeding guidelines: Information as Quoted from VetGen's website.....
    CLEAR: This finding indicates that the gene is not present in your dog. Therefore, when used for breeding, a Clear dog will not pass on the disease gene.
    CARRIER: This finding indicates that one copy of the disease gene is present in your dog, but that it will not exhibit disease symptoms. Carriers will not have medical problems as a result.
    Dogs with Carrier status can be enjoyed without the fear of developing medical problems but will pass on the disease gene 50% of the time.
    *Therefore' Puppies produced by a CLEAR/CARRIER mating will not be available with Breeding Rights. Pre purchase signed Sterilization Agreement is required.