The first 60 days


This is why your puppy cannot go home to you at 6 weeks of age:

This is the most important time in your puppy's life development and growth, not just physically but emotionally and psychologically as well.

The experiences, or lack thereof, during this most important time will shape your puppy for his or her entire life. This is the reason your puppy cannot leave his mother until he is 8 weeks old. This is the most crucial 49 days in their life experience.  We want to make sure we do it right to create the most socialized  and well adjusted puppy with the best character possible


Puppies cannot even regulate their own body temperature or eliminate without the mother’s stimulation. They are only aware of direct contact.The introduction of mild stress to puppies during the first several weeks develops dogs which are superior when in learning or competitive situations. They are better able to handle stress, are more outgoing and learn more quickly. Mild stress at an early age will actually increase the size of the brain.

2 to 3 WEEKS OF AGE:

Their eyes and ears open. They begin to hear and respond to taste and smell. This is the time to introduce items to the whelping box such as a plastic soda bottle, knotted sock, newspapers, cardboard box, etc.  It is also important to continue picking up the pups daily, love them, talk to them, and spend a few minutes with each one individually.

21 to 23 DAYS OLD

This is a very important time in the Canine Socialization Period. By 2l days the pups have the use of their senses and it is important not to overload them. Radical changes in environment should be avoided.It is a time of rapid sensory development. Individual attention is continued.  Also, we take them two at a time to new floor surfaces for about two minutes. Take different pairs each time. Each day introduced a new surface such as concrete, linoleum, wood, carpet, matting, etc. Taking them two at a time will make it less stressful than one at a time. Very mild auditory stimuli is introduced, such as a radio or tv in the background playing quietly.

3 to  7 WEEKS

Puppy is now learning how to be a dog. He must live with his  mom and littermates during this entire period. He will learn how to stop mother’s discipline by acting submissively.  Pups should not be weaned during this time!  A puppy removed from its mom and litter during this time can become overly noisy, have a discipline problem, or be a fighter. The mother is allowed as much time with the pups as she wants. She will naturally begin to spend a little less time with them on her own .After week six is ideal for timing for a puppy temperament test. The brain waves of the puppy are the same as a mature dog, but the puppy is a clean slate. If the puppies have been properly socialized and have not been traumatized before the test, the test is a reliable measure of their suitability for whatever role in life they are expected to fulfill. It is an excellent aid in placing puppies in compatible pet homes.Breeders have an important responsibility to provide proper experiences for the puppies they have bred. Mom did not ask to be pregnant and the puppies did not ask to be born.  Now that they have arrived as the breeder planned, the breeder must take responsibility and socialize these same pups with diligence, care and sincerity. From three weeks of age when the learning stage begins, to 16 weeks of age, the character of a dog is formed. No matter how good his inherited character traits, if they are not socialized during this period, they will never be as good a dog as they could have been.  It is also worth mentioning that a poorly bred pup will not have the basic foundation needed to benefit anywhere near as much from this early training. All professionally trained dogs are purposely raised in this fashion and socialized during this time in a clear effort to mold well adjusted, confident, social animals. Groups raising seeing eye dogs and therapy dogs at all levels, practice these same beliefs. In addition to genetic pre-disposition in regards to temperament, the environmental and social experiences also make lasting impressions on a developing puppy.  Important stages in a puppies development begin at birth, peak around 8 weeks, and extend to maturity.  
Having all of the above in mind, understand that you must have a healthy, sound pup to start with. Genetics dictate a dogs temperament.  With a well bred pup, the above socialization will help your pup reach his or her full potential.

These all important experiences, or lack thereof,  during this time will shape your puppy for his or her entire life. Let's give them the best possible start to their new life in our world. Take care, take time and do it right, and do right by the dog. He will be a part of your family for the next 15 years.

Beyond the first 8 weeks-

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