Just had to share...


Hi Diana Just wanted to give you an update on Lucie as she is now called. Today she had her 12 week shots and is doing great. Lucie weighed in at 5 lbs 8 ounces. She is developing a great personality and is a real people person/dog. I have attached a photo for your enjoyment. We will keep in touch. Regards Bob DeYoung and Family


Annie puppy update: Here are a few recent pics of little miss, Sarah Parker





Happy boy, He is one of the nicest dogs we have ever have. He gained 2 pounds and is getting big :)




Jasper is doing really well. He and my older girl Sunshine roll around and play and its really cute. Especially since Sunshine doesnt normally play with other dogs. Jasper has brought the puppy out in her as well. And no he didnt get up onto the counter top himself. He kept sniffing the air around that area so i decided to let him check it out. I cant believe how much his facial coloring has changed since i brought him home. He's gorgeous! Well i wish you, your family and critter family a safe, healthy and happy Holiday's. Sincerely, Joey

BellaDiana, It's been over a year since our last correspondence. I wanted to update you on our amazing Bella. Whenever we are out people always comment that she is the most Beautiful dog. Thank you and Happy Holidays Jim Russell





She is good as gold. Thank you for giving her such a great beginning

Hi Diana!

WillowJust want to give u an update on Willow. She is a year old now! She is such a wonderful lady! She Willowalready has her CGC certificate and has currently been doing agility training and is doing great! We had just been to our first Show n' Go last week at Woodley Park and was such a great experience. Hopefully we can join our first competition soon! Also, u can follow us now on IG @willowtherussellterrier for more amazing Willow pics and vids!! Again, thank u so much for everything!

A & R

Hi Diana, WillardSo far so good! He is adorable! Lilly and Walt are being really good to him.

Lilly is being a sweet gentle soul with Willard. Things are going wonderfully!

Enjoy! Matt and Vicki

Hi Diana,

IvyWe thought you would like to see Ivy in her new home.  We got home around 2 pm, she was ready for all of the new smells and some play time.  Then she went into her X-pen got in her crate and went to sleep.  These pictures are of her after her nap.  She seems to be right at home!  She has already won our hearts and makes us laugh with all of her puppy kisses.

Thanks again for all you do to help transition these pups into their new environment.

Mike and Debbie

Diana- Magnus is doing great! He logged his first flight hour this weekend (SD-Lake Havasu). MagnusJust a couple of sleepless nights of pen training; he now sleep quietly all night with a 5:30am wake up call for food. He's brought such love, joy and happiness to the family just in these couple of days. He's a little rascal and a charmer!

Kind regards, Lily-




JDS Leo Amoroso Imperial of Cheltenham




JDS Leo Amoroso Imperial of Cheltenham

Illustrating the "off button"

Richard Abrams









Hi Diana, This was our 2nd show in Del Mar Friday . He ran the course in half the time allowed, got 1st place, and his novice jumpers title! so proud of him! as usual, many people wanted to know where I got him, so maybe you will get some calls. I should carry your business cards at my shows! the video link is below the photo. enjoy.

JDS Jack Russells

Hi Diana, You were absolutely correct, “Nothing beats a pair of Jack’s”. Love the pups, they are doing really good. When I go outside and whistle a few times, they both come a running. Wow, do they play hard with each other. They run and fly in the air after each other. Both understand when we say NO, they stop whatever they were doing. Smart, adorable, healthy and so loveable. Bama definitely picked up Jimi’s sweet disposition. Missy is a bit more mischievous but also full of sweetness. So happy we got both of them, we are headed down to Fallbrook this morning. They have appointment with your Vet at 10am. Hope you are well. Take care, Sharon





"Yay, I'm one year old!!" (Plus two weeks.) So, does this make Leo officially a junior?

Richard & Jan








Duke is in his new home! Thank you Leslie and family


We went to lowes, he met my mom who is dying to doggy sit and he's home now getting acquainted w his new canine companions. He LOVES my 8yr old son and is having a blast playing w 2 of my other 3... My oldest and smallest Lexi is a bit bitchy... She will be a snotty brat for about a month. She just gives the silent treatment hahaha! Leslie

PiperFun with piper!!

We are having much fun with Little Pipper puppy! She went to pick up the kids at school one day..boy that was fun and exhausting! Piper

She is perfect. We are all head over heals for her. Kevin just might be her biggest fan! She loves to play fetch with her ball. Oh..she is growing fast! 

  Xo  Tashia 




Hey Diana, Wanted to give you a progress report for Bella. She is doing great and loves her new sister. She had her 16 wk check up and the vet says she is in perfect health. Thanks again for bringing this wonderful dog to life.





WillowHey Diana,

Just a quick photo update.  She's becoming a little lady. We're totally in puppy love!  This video is of Willow on a hot day visiting her puppy cousins.











Thank you so much for everything!

A + R





AmberlinEveryone that has met Amber so far thinks she's a pretty special girl ! Thank you for being an exceptional breeder and taking the time to raise your puppies correctly. I can't thank you enough. Some of the pics are blurry because I had it on the wrong shutter speed but she still looks cute...she loves the giant frog for some reason.... ttys, jeanneAmberlin

Baguette Fetch Video-At 8 1/2 weeks old

Hey Diana, I thought you would enjoy a little recap from our first day at puppy training class. First off, he was the youngest one there by about 4 weeks and by far the cutest. Both teachers couldn't stop calling on him to do things and one couldn't leave our side for fear that she might miss something cute that he might do. Not only was he already doing WAY more tricks than the other dogs but he handled himself superbly. He wouldn't bark when the other dogs did, he would sit when he was supposed to, and isn't shy with any other dogs or people for that matter.

Baguette's day-Click here A day in the life of a "SHORTY JACK"








Laura and Ryder

The added BONUS.....Congratulation! Laura and Ryder (Kippie x Slugger son) on their first AKC show. I'm so proud of both of you...


Just wanted you to know that Trixie has filled a whole in the ranch. TrixieWe has taken total charge. She sleeps deep under the covers and loves going with me everywhere. She is so much like my little meters not only in looks but her personality. I don't know if this is a jack russell trait because she is only my second russell. I don't own Trixie she owns me. lol I am in total love with her. She is learning to share and has gotten better. All the dogs have learned to love Trixie as I still spend quality time with them. Lilly Pig is still thinking it over if she is going to work out. They two have demands on my time but I am happy to give everyone the time they need and the love and attention. Trixie stays out of lilly's apple bowl in the morning and Lily stays out of Trixies dog food. Everyone loves her and can't believe the simularities in the two dogs. Trixie has her first trail ride in the dog bad that I tot over my shoulder. Trixie is a lot heavier than Meters but I perfer that they ride with me rather than on the ground incase they get steped on or my other fear is tangled in the horse on a leash or worse yet run after a rabbit or something. Everyone has their beds and when we are in the truck I just have to tell Trixie no go to your bed so that I can get in or out without fear of her jumping out. At home she has her own bed but perfers laying on my lap or some part of my body. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you. You have given me my angel. She is a great comfort and a wonderful companion. Roxanne Mishler

Meet Ryder (Kippie x Slugger Son) future agility star, owned by Laura Hrdlicka

Katniss & Primrose Update

Hi Diana,

RibbonsI'm sorry it has been so long. We have had a crazy few months, and have been busy with work. We wanted to let you know that the girls are doing great! They are much better with the potty training. They were in their very first fun match dog show today. It's just for fun so they didn't get any points but it was more for training. Primrose took 1st place and Katniss took 2nd place. Then Primrose went into group and got 4th place. They got some nice ribbons too! We have a lot of work to do with both girls before we put them in an actual show. We will be starting obedience and confirmation classes the 1st week of March. Thank you so much for giving us these beautiful baby girls! They are a blessing and we love them so much! Thank you! Have a wonderful day. Jennifer Maher P.S. We will send some pictures soon.

BuddyHi Diana, Buddy is doing well! When we brought him home yesterday night, he was a bit nervous but eventually got over his initial anxiety and even started playing with us. He is so affectionate and active. Surprisingly, he didn't cry yesterday night but around 5AM today, he woke us up to use the restroom. I think he's handling housebreaking training very well. Throughout the day, he followed us around and explored his new home. My mom bought him a little sweater to keep him warm since the nights here are quite cold.


Hi Diana Charlie continues to be the light of my life. I've included his picture with Santa for you. Hope all is well with you and your family. All the best for 2013.


Here is our Christmas picture with our 5 babies, and a few more pics for you to enjoy. We love BanjoBanjo! He is such a special little dog. He acts just like the older ones and totally keeps up with them. He is over 5 pounds now. All the girls love him and he is quite a little lover, alwaysBanjo and his grils kissing them and us too! I can't tell you how much he means to me. I also think we have the perfect stud for our foundation dog. Oops-The Christmas pics didn't make it in this email so I will send another one. Thanks so much for everything, Jill Boxrud


Halloooo dear JDS family,

Max I am sending you greetings and puppy nuzzles from my new home. Been here for a week now and I have to say I love my new pack. From the first night I felt good and did not cry. My humans find me 'adorable'. They have soft voices, hands that are ready for loving scratches and arms that swoop me up and hold me. My favorite place is on moms shoulder when she does what she calls her nesting. Mom walks around with this small metal thing on her head and talks to people I cant see or smell. But I sure can hear it! She said things like, how smart I am and what a good pup I am, because I knew my name after 2 days and I always try to use the poopy knoll when they take me outside. Sometimes I have to squeeze hard tomax get some dribbles but I love how my humans fuss about me when I do my business on the knoll. She is also ecstatic because I dont chew their stuff on the floor. Pfff......why would I? I got a hold of the small humans cowboy boots one time and the smelled nasty. I have so many toys I can easy turn my little nose up on my family's smelly shoes. Mom tells me all about exciting places they will take me, the dog beach, the desert, the bark park and doggy classes..... I cant wait and want to go now. But she said I have to wait because it is 'not safe". I hear 'not safe' and 'wait' a lot and though I have no idea what it means, I know my pupster life cant be better and my humans watch over me with love and kindness. I miss you and Bonnie and remember all of you. But Mom said we can visit next year, that will be a fun day for me. With Puppy-love, Max

Max"It belongs to the cat? I think NOT. I like it, I like sleeping in it, I like just laying around in it and watching those human feet dash around. Thank you kit-cat for giving me your house, it is my accent color after all" Hi, Diana et al.. going home was uneventful, both babies were asleep in the back. I am glad I ask you about the night whining. We took the play pen in the bedroom had his litter box in there his sherpa kennel and to sleep he went. Not a peep out of him all night. I took him out in the morning and deposited him on the poop knoll. Our son is usually very meticulous cleaning up after his Corgi, but I asked him to leave a couple of piles. Max peed straight away, twice, and then had breakfast. He did eat the chicken, but not much of the kibble. Then he played, cuddled and I took him out again, about an hour after his meal. He again did pee instantly. Put him back in the play pen and he napped. Took him out the moment he woke up - peed again, I had noticed he pooped in the box. I pretty much kept taking him out by the hour. He pooped once after his evening meal - BIG YEAH!!!! Good thing I had gone to Trader Joes today and had some small pieces of liver in my pocket. Max is really fun and very sweet. We can really see the effort you put into raising him. The kiss-kiss and ah-ah, command really work. He tried to use me as a chew toy gnawed my thumb and I just gave him an ah-ah and he backed off right away. I did not even have to get sharp with him. We Parelli people know all about stages, LOL! Oh yea, and he took over the cats bed, no biggy cat has stopped using it month ago. He is filled with glee.... Howdy to all - have a great week. p

Hi Diana, JoZ

JoZhere are a few pic’s of JoZ as she has been growing up. She is as smart as can be and is at 7 months becoming a real lady, what a joy. Brings in the paper and the mail and is doing good with the fresbee. John & Patty

Hi Diana, I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Carys. She is beautiful and has a Caryswonderful temperament. We feel blessed that she is a member of the family. We also feel very lucky to have found you, since it is obvious that you are doing a spectacular job as a breeder. I thought you might enjoy a recent photo; Carys is absolutely wonderful!  She does not have a "mean bone in her body!"  hope all is well with you and your family. Sincerely, Barbara





Hi Diana!

Our Jack Russell was born in Sept. 2008 and we wanted to just give you an update!  Jack Jack(yes...that's his name!) is the most amazing dog in the world.  Not only is he the cutest thing ever, but has the most incredible personality (they have to be genetically part human, I swear!).  We always watch in wonder at how lucky we are to have him in our life.  I grew up with Pug dogs and swore that I would have them again as an adult, but we will never have anything else than a JACK!  We are expecting our first child any day now, and Jack's world is going to flip upside down, but we can't wait to see him with a baby!  He loves kids and we can already envision him snuggling with our future 3 year old at night (maybe we can finally get him out of our bed!) and following him all around the house wanting to play.  We will become chop liver compared to this kid!  I've attached a "Pre Baby Family Photo" of us to share with you!

Thanks for making some of the best Jack Russells in the world!

Katie and John Baker

The Baker Family: The good, the bad and the ugly...

Hello Everybody this is Poncho! My Mom and Dad took Lefty and myself to Dr. T I am 7lbs and Lefty is 6lbs. Dr. T said a whole bunch of words that Dad didn't understand to his assistant,so Dad finally asked and Dr.T said these guys have perfect confirmation and we are two of the finest Jacks heponch and leftyhas seen in 30 years of practice. We really like it here of course I miss all of you and my  gorgeous sister Bailey. We have a swimming pool and Mom is teaching us to swim and where to get out.. That crazy Lefty thinks he's Michael Phelps. Our distant cousin Champ has accepted us and we play constantly. He didn't have a great breeder like us so he has PLL, but we all play and he is teaching us the ropes. We are so loved here it was a very smooth transition. We have a people sister and 2 people brothers, they love us too! We lick their ears and chins they laugh so they must like it. Dad is computer knuckle head so he will work on staying in touch. Left says thanks Mom but really wants Akira to get a hug and kiss from him. I say I am getting Mimi's face and everyone thinks I am cute as a bug, I eat bugs. Well anyways we will work on staying in touch. Love Poncho Hey all Love and Licks Lefty! 

Hi Diana,

EmmaJust want to let you know that Emma is well ensconced and giving us so much pleasure. She and the two other dogs are getting along well. The younger one has adjusted to having her here and runs around and plays with her when I take her outside. She is so sweet and such a little comedienne. She begs for belly rubs more than any Jack we've had, and the black tail with the white tip is a show stopper. She wags it so fast it blurs. Anyone who visits immediately falls in love with her. She uses the litter box pretty well, though often when she pees she puts her front legs in the box and lets the back end hang out, missing the litter. The good news is that she obviously knows what the litter is for and does not have accidents elsewhere. This makes life with a puppy so much easier. Can you tell me about how much food she should get and how many times a day she is used to being fed? I feed her three times a day. She seems to be thriving, but I'd like to be sure I'm being consistent with what she is used to. I have made an appointment for her next week with our vet-- 12 weeks. Thanks again for such a lovely little pup.

Best, Deirdre

Hi Diana! Just letting you know Lilly went to the Vet on May 30❤she had her booster and a little nailLilly clipping and we did an extra deworming. She weighs 5lbs! She is amazing and she is in love with our 9 year old dog Walt. Walt is wonderful with her. Have a great weekend!!


Hi Diana & John Just wanted to let you know Jo Z is doing great. She has been 99.9% house brokeJoz for the past 5 days, [ two Jozpiddle accidents ] walks with us every day and is sociable with everyone and every thing. She brings in the mail and the paper and is learning the frisbie, don’t catch it yet but brings it back for a goodie. Sits well and knows not to touch her goodie until we say OK. 4lbs 14ozs

this morning. She is bringing so much joy to us and others even though that first week Patty said she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to handle her. She was concerned she might be docile, she is far from it. Here are a couple of pic’s. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful daughter.

John & Patty

baileyIt’s Bailey!

I miss you all but I am settling in well at my new house in Tucson! Mynew Mommy and Daddy keep telling me how awesome I am! They keep saying that I am amazing and they are so blessed to have found me! I’m getting settled in good. I am eating good and have only had two accidents inside…one was Mommy’s fault because she didn’t stay outside with me long enough this morning. Other than that, I have gone potty outside every time and Mommy and Daddy praise me for being such a good girl!! They can’t believe that I am already potty trained!! They also told me that they were so amazed that I didn’t even cry at bedtime last night!! They said it is unbelievable how good I am! I have my own bed! It’s pink, fuzzy and very, very soft. I even have a blanket that matches. Daddy put baileymy purple princess blanket over top of my bed so that I could feel safe with my doggie mommy’s scent while I sleep. Mommy put my pillow case on one edge of the bed so I got to smell Poncho too! I’ve attached a picture of me by my new bed! Mommy and Daddy say I am just too cute!! A little after 10:00pm Mommy patted my bed and I hopped right up onto it. She was petting me for a little while and I fell right asleep! Mommy said she tip-toed over to the bed and crawled in and was sure that I would wake up…but I didn’t. Mommy and Daddy both woke up several times in the night to check on me but I was sound asleep and did not even make a whimper. I woke up around 5:22 this morning and gave out a soft whine and Mommy jumped right out of bed to check on me. We went outside, I did my business, and then we played in the bed for a baileylittle while. We all took a nap on Mommy and Daddy’s bed after that and I woke up again around 6:30 so then Mommy fed me. I had some Wild Salmon along with my regular food. I ate good! Not all of it, but I did good! Daddy had a meeting to go to at 1:00 and he is working tonight but Mommy and I have been playing hard and taking little naps on and off all day! I am exploring the new house slowly! The back yard is nice. There is a little patch of grass for me but there are also lots of rocks. They startled me a bit at first but now I am walking on them fine. There is also a little bridge that goes over the big river rocks that are in the yard. Mommy tried to get me to walk over it but I’m a little unsure right now. She said we will try later. She told me that Chipper and Reba didn’t use it either so it’s ok if I don’t! The second picture is of me by the bridge. I have lots of toys already but my favorite is still the Bull Stick! Mommy said she definitely has to buy more of those for me! I baileylove them!! I’ve played with most of my toys at least once already…here are some pictures of me with them! There are still a couple of rooms in the house that I haven’t gone into but I am comfortable in the living room and bedroom so far. Mommy and Daddy said I could take my time and explore as I want to…no rush! We cuddled on the couch last night and watched TV. I was so comfortable that I flipped over on my back and Mommy was laughing at my cute little freckles on my belly. She had to take a picture, of course!! I might get to meet my new grandma tonight. Mommy says we call her grammy! If she doesn’t come over tonight I will get to meet her on Monday since it is Mother’s Day and she is coming over for late lunch/dinner. I hope you enjoy the pictures that Mommy and Daddy took! Mommy will send a few more in another email. I think I’m going to take a little nap now. I’m curled up between Mommy’s shoes and I’m getting kind of sleepy! I’ll talk to you again soon! Don’t worry about me! I’m in good hands and I love my new home! Love you, Bailey


Had a great first night thanks to your excellent advice,thanks for everything Diana

Dave and Elaine Ellis

Hi Diana,

Thought you might enjoy this photo of Lil enjoying a pickup ride in West Marin county!

All the best to you and those puppies,

The Steadman’s





Hello Diana, Hope all is well with you . Been watching your new litters. Looks like you've got yourRyder hands full! Ryder is doing fantastic. If I would have known that I was gonna be so happy with him, I would have never waited 1 1/2 years for him. We have started in Agility. We are in level 2 foundation already. He is showing me that he has the potential to be as great as Madison was, and he LOVES it. We are having so much fun. Of course, he has been at the top of all three classes(we do obedience too). He is so well behaved. People comment on him all the time, as they did with Madison. Remember when I first called you I said I had this really mellow JRT and didnt know that I could ever find another, Laurie

Hi Diana, So sorry Its been so long since I have been in touch. Ryder is doing great. Now 5 1/2Ryder months old, he has just lost his last baby tooth. He is very happy and social with everyone and other dogs. He does much better with the chicken and the cats. He is doing great on the leash and in obedience and we start agility classes next week. He is about 9 " tall and weighs 9 1/2 lbs ( last week). I still take him everywhere and he still likes his sling. He mostly sleeps in his crate, except when hubby is away or we are in Big Bear( Too cold up there). But he has a wire crate now and he loves his crate I did not get many good photos of him over the holidays. I tried, but he's like hitting a moving target if you know what I mean. Here is a pic from Christmas. Hope all is well with you and your family and all the jacks! Laurie


MilaHere is a picture of Mila in Switzerland , Everyone loves this dog.Mila She was amazing in the plane. No accident 15 hours. She plays well with other dogs both big and small and behaves like a perfect little lady in restaurants and cafes. Loves to plow through fresh snow and dig for pine cones. We are having so much fun with her. Thanks again and Happy new year! Greg Bourque


She's home and is an angel!!!!!!!

Barbara E. Rodin, Ph.D.





Snow Dog

Mila is doing well and is in training for her Swiss visit. She loves the snow up here in Mammoth and would stay out in the woods all day if she could. She met Dr Julie and now has her ID Chip. She weighs just under 5 lbs. I am training her to nudge a bell hanging from the door when she needs to go out. We're getting there.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. Greg Bourque


Simon was very good last night, cried a few times but ultimately settled himself down. The litter box is amazing, takes the worst part of puppyhod and eliminates it. He is a very sweet, good puppy; everyone loves him. We are having a disagreement as to how much kibble he should be eating. Please clear this up for us. Thanks and thanks for giving Simon a great start!


Hi Diana, I don't know if Maggie has kept you up to date, so here's what's going on. It is obvious that Simon arrived at our house with lots of socialization and exposure. He greets new sounds with perked ears and curiousity. If something does manage to scare him (like the garbage truck) he recovers in less than thirty seconds and then goes on with whatever he was doing before being startled. He already shows proper respect to the 14 year old poodle, and plays with the Standard male poodle. Again, backing off and showing proper respect when warned. His tail is constantly wagging like a propeller. The litter box training that you did is an absolute godsend. I usually end up doing the housebreaking and I am so happy to NOT have to stand outside at night and freeze while the puppy dawdles. He has already started pottying when he is placed in the dog run, too. He fetches and is learning to give the object back to us. Now for my favorite (remember I do the bedtime routine and overnight care) Simon whimpered for less than a minute at first when put in his playpen, then sporadically during the night he gave a whine or two...and that was it! Second night was even better (which I did not think was possible). I have been following your advice and Maggie has forced herself to let Simon get used to playing by himself in his pen. He is incredibly content in or out of his pen. Granted I am usually within hearing range, but he does not yip if I leave the room. I think the constant coming and going...no big deal attitude..really works. Oh yeah, Quimby, the Airedale BITCH, growls when Simon tries to breathe her air...and he casually leaves her space. We are being cautious with the rotty, just because he is so big...but Simon is such a good pup that I doubt there will be any problems. We have notcied that Simon has already scouted out safety zones where he can hide and launch surpirise attacks on the big dogs. He is so cute peeking from behind the water buckets. Also, when he runs he looks just like a cartoon character....no legs...just spinning wheels. Thank you and your family for doing such a good job with Simon. Mary


Hello Diana,

Just thought I would send you some recent photos of our darling "Poppy", who turned "one" last Saturday. She is such a sweetheart, with a unique personality - very unlike most Jack Russell's I have come across. I hope all is well with your pack.

Regards Lucy Feldstein






Hi, Sammi is doing well! She is such an awesome dog! She has slept thru the nite every nite without any whining or crying! We have had very very few accidents in the house. We love her so much! Judy

RyderAs of Fri nite he is officially crate trained! He now comes and sits on command. He is much better at listening. Better with the cats, still working on the chicken(thats just too much to ask), Still tugging on the pant leg, but atleast now he lets go when you say no. He is great when I take him out. He rides well in his dog purse and sits still. he loves it. He is getting along great with the bulldogs and they Ryderseemed to have totally accepted him into the pack. We just love him. He is very smart. He was up tp 3 lbs 6 oz on Thurs. Not sure what he is now.He does eat his food, but he's a bit picky. He wants the big dogs food and runs right to there crates so see if they, by chance, dropped any. Here are some pics. Thanks so much.Favorite toy is a cat toy. is this where she keeps that good dog food? Heres my sit command. I love Thunder. He plays with me.


Tobey had a really good first night. When I got home my sons and their girlfriends played with himTobey outside, he ate his dinner, played some more, then slept the entire night. I went downstairs at 6 and he was just sitting there waiting for me. He had his breakfast ( no appetite problems at all) and then I took him up to my bedroom while I was getting ready for work. He just had me in stitches. He saw himself in my mirrored closet doors and started scooting his back legs like bull then pounced on his reflection. The he kept walking back and forth looking at himself and occasionally licking the mirror. What a little character.

Chloe was curious at first about him and growled a little at first. I am going to keep them separated for at least a week. When Tobey is in his pen they each circle around the fence line checking each other out. Tobey just wants to lick her.

Janette Young


I just want to tell you that this puppy is just wonderful. She is super attentive, loves people, has only had a couple of accidents in the house but when we take her out of her exercise pen she goes to the lawn and poops or pees, she doesn’t want to do it in the pen even when we have half of it on the lawn. She just seems to be about the brightest puppy I’ve met, I suppose it’s the breed, she’s fearless and believes she could fly. I’ve explained to Randy that this is one that is going to really need obedience training, and he wants to train her to do tricks and take her with him to work and wherever he goes.

Our Dachshund isn’t very fond of her yet, feels some competition, but every day is better and the puppy just wants to play with her, she’ll give in eventually. And she has no name yet. Randy will come up with one, just have to find just the right one.


Molly Rush

Winney Hi Diana! I have been wanting to email you for such a long time, I moved and everything seemed to slow down for awhile... from time to time I check your web page to see the latest! Winny is the only dog I have now, she is my first JRT and is the best little girl! She really likes people and they love her, plays well with other dogs, makes me laugh everyday with all her funny ways and is very smart!! When people say what breed is she and I tell them a "shorty" Jack Russell Terrier, i get the same reaction, Oh they're so hyper...I tell them no, she is not like that at all. I would get another JDS puppy if I had the room, they are the best!! So glad I have her, hope the picture came through :) Darlene & Winny



Riley Jr

Here is Riley Jr almost 2 years old now. Still a kissy puppy and a world class ball dog. He is a good citizen with other dogs which we really appreciate! He's a very good dog.

Bob Hamilton







Hi Diana,

I thought we’ld continue the tradition of sending you Ella’s “birthday” pictures. She turned 3 yesterday and Nancy & I couldn’t have wished for a better dog. She is as sweet as she is cute … and you can see that she is plenty cute!

Thanks again for everything – and to Abbie and Slugger. They make a great duo!

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Karen and Nancy

Hi Diana, Things are going great with Lil. She is a darling pup. What a long nerve-wracking day yesterday. I was worried about her onWilly and Lil the plane and in the crate for so many hours. She was Willy and Lilshaking when they brought her crate out from the cargo warehouse, but settled right down in the car (In Will’s lap, of course). After we got home from the airport she explored the x-pen and living room a bit. She sniffed around and got her bearings. At 9:00 we put her to bed. She slept great last night (totally quiet at bedtime). Her x-pen is in a spare room down the hall from the kitchen. When I came into the kitchen at 7:00 I could hear her whining a bit, but I made sure not to go get her until she was quiet. We had a fun day today. She is great about using her litter box (we keep a close watch on her) and she has not had a single potty accident. It has been pouring rain here for the last 24 hours so she has not been outside yet, but she was with me all day, and in the car to and from school also. We had to go to a Farm Day event where our son was representing his horsemen’s club. We carried her around the event. She was the hit of the day! Lil has gotten more active tonight as she gets to know us, her toys and her home. She runs and hops and makes us laugh out loud. She is now settled in her pen, totally quiet just like last night. She has the sweetest personality and we already love her SO much J I have attached a few photos for you. Talk to you again very soon! Kristi, Dan & Willy


Hi Diana and family, Last weekend we took Lil to our lake cabin for the first time. Here is a cute photo of Will and Lil relaxing by the wintery lake. She is doing great. We have signed her up for puppy class obedience classes that start on 4/20. She is already getting bigger and learning a lot. So smart! Best, Kristi, Will and Dan



"A kiss for Ava". Here's Pippin's new "family"! He has had quite a day and he is truly a wonderful puppy. As of 10:30 pm, he has not whined or whimpered more than twice (for about 2 seconds) since leaving your house (and he did that on his own - with no "babying"). He licked my fingers for a couple of minutes in the car, played with his toys, chewed his "bone" and fell asleep for the rest of the ride to the vet. We had an hour wait (I was early) and Pippin sat in my lap and wagged his tail at everyone as they fawned all over him. He did beautifully when I brought him home. He romped around the upper yard for about an hour with the 4 children (who, I must brag, showed great restraint and never raised their excited voices or got out of control). He ate really well and his stool was solid... And he took his medicine perfectly. My older daughter, Julia, said it best as Pippin was sound asleep under our dinner table - "he is absolutely the most perfect puppy!". I hope the night goes as smoothly, but whatever we have to tackle over the next few nights, I can already tell that he is a wonderful blessing to our home. Thank u for all of the work that u put into raising him - it is already paying off in spades. I'll keep u up to date as his transition continues. Have a great Friday. Warmly, Laura


Here's Pippin exploring a little portion of his new home! Sorry for the poor quality - sun setting directly behind him and a bad Blackberry camera :/

He was absolutely perfect last night. He and my husband fell asleep watching TV while I went down to the gym. Around 11, I woke them both up, took Pippin out and he immediately went potty. I put his crate next to our bed and he made one or two little whimpers and then slept until 5:15. I took him out to go, which he did, and the back to sleep until 7 with maybe one minute of whimpering as he thought it was play time, not sleep time again! So it was as good of a first night as we could have hoped for. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Since it’s almost Murphy’s first birthday, I thought I’d send you a note and some pictures to let you know how he’s doing. We love him! He is a great little dog! He loves to snuggle, follows me from room to room, and loves “his” kids. He acclimated well to his new family. He is a social little guy and loves playing with other dogs and getting pet from other people. He’s becoming quite the running partner as well. Thanks so much for this little guy! He gets lots of compliments at dog parks and the beach. Hope all is well. All of your latest puppies are of course adorable. I have to keep myself from going to your site too often or I might end up with another Jack! Kelly Day

We've had three good nights with Poppy, and she is very good about not making a sound until we greet her in the morning around 5.15am. She is eating well, and is very good about using her potty box, or doing her business outside, which I always praise her for. Not sure if you taught her to sit, but she knows this command well, so hopefully she will learn more as we go along with new commands. We love her so much, and she has livened up our lives - a precious little gem.

Baguette (Abbie x Riley)

Picking up Baguette......

You won't believe it but we are stuck at a motel after something on the rode broke off the muffler and blew our tire. Thanks for raising such an awesome dog. Our first night of playing fetch and he totally gets it and does it well! Love this guy!

He does fetch, sit, come, and stay well and the potty box is a god send! Of course his favorite is to just snuggle! He also sleeps through the night without a peep. Oh yeah I couldn't be happier. He can do shake, spin, jump over my leg and wait at the door for me to go through first. He's amazing!

Adults and Children can learn from "shorty" jacks on how to get along together--Gidget had to check her house out first to make sure everything was where it should be--and to her delight found some new toys and a chew--just like the little guys only bigger. She then proceeded to watch him for a bit and then he barked and she barked and they started their dance. To watch them interact is a lesson all families should see--simple acts of sharing. When we finally let them play together without restraints on Gidget--she promptly stole one of his toys and he chased her around the house!! They played chase for a bit and then curiosity got the best of Guinness and he wandered around the living room checking out everything he could see from his xpen. Thank you for helping, again--this transition went perfectly. So different raising this jack--second time around easier and less stressful--like with the kids--poor Gidge--she had to be the guinea pig for two inexperienced humans. I can't wait until Guinness is a bit bigger so they can really play together--OH--he tried to hump her several times--he is definitely all male!! We don't have a video camera--we really need one--so the stills will have to suffice for now. Ed takes great pictures so I am sure they will delight the other mama. Today was a superlative day--WE DID IT RIGHT!!!! LOVE US

Dave and I are amazed each day with what a great dog Harley is.  Everyone he meets can not believe that he is a jack russell because of his personality.    Harley shows the submissive position  upon meeting a large dog, like a boxer, german shepard etc., but once that formality is over, he is up and playing with the biggest dogs out in the park.  Harley has quite a fan club that comes to the park just to watch him play with all the big dogs especially the 140 pound Swiss Mountain dog. I was just asked today by another dog owner if Harley meets and plays with all dogs, like he does in the park.   Harley shows no fear, but if I ask him to sit and stay in a large group of dogs, he will listen.  He does not have an excitable personality, will not run out of the house if the door is open, nor will he leave the park even though it is not fenced. 


Fionna and KiraShe is so darling, my husband loves her, the kids love her and I love her!
Thank you so much Diana! She whined a tiny bit this morning, she wanted something but I wasn't quite sure what she was expecting? I gave her a little breakfast that seemed to help.
She is having fun with the kids now and they are having fun with her! It sure was nice having her kennel trained, no whining! She slept well and life is good!
I am so happy 



Hi there! We can hardly believe it's been 2 years since little Ella came into our worlds!  Abbie and Slugger sure did a great job bringing her to us (as well as you guys!).  :)   She has a great personality -- very mellow, sweet, smart and is great around other dogs.  She loves to be cuddled and loved.

We couldn't be happier and thought you might like to see how cute she is!
Thanks again & hope all is well with you and your family.

Karen & Nancy




Hi Diana,

We wanted to let you know Cooper is adjusting fine.  Thank you so much for everything.  Abie put a website up, please check it out www.aguiarimage.net/Cooper.


Connie and Abie


Hi Diana,
Just thought I would give you an update on Emma's progress. She is doing great!
She has quite the personality. Very affectionate, wanting hugs and kisses or happy just lying in your lap. A sun goddess. She will lie in the sun until she can't stand the heat any longer before moving.
Thanks again. You gave us a wonderful puppy and we're very happy.
Thank you
Ken Thompson




Diana,   Murphy is the sweetest angel ever!  He is doing great!  He's used his litter box multiple times, eaten a healthy dinner and survived his first meeting with his 3 "brothers".  Even my babysitter commented on how well adjusted he was!  Thanks so much.  We love, love, love him! He had a great night in his crate and used his litter box.  I am so impressed with this little guy and know that is because of you and your dedication, love, and understanding of these wonderful dogs.  Thank you so much! Kelly Day








Mom is teaching me to "go to the ground".  Well, kind of! I chase and bark and bark furiously at the wheelbarrow.    I chased it into the flower bed.  Mom pointed me to o "weed" and I went into my "ATTACK" mode.  Boy, did the dirt fly-if you look at the last 3 pictures of me in the flower bed on the enlargement mode you will see the dirt just a flying.  Dad thinks I would be a GREAT "bulb" hole digger-so mom could just drop the bulb in the hole.  :)
Boy, that was exhausting for such a little girl like me.  Before i knew it I was asleep in the sun on the floor.  Floor was too hard.  I found Mom's lap much more comfortable and loving.
Dad will keep yo posted on my daily adventures.I saw Canadian "Honkers' head home to Canada. They were sure high, and they make a God awful name.  Mom bought me a "rubber" squeekie" chicken, and I have attacked to the point that it sounds like a stupid Canadian "Honker".  Drives my Dad "nuts".
Ed & Mary  and of course Gidget.

Molly is acclimating quite nicely.  The trip home was completely uneventful.  Sometimes both girls were in the same crate and other times they slept separately.  She and Maggie are becoming friends, though they are struggling to determine who should be dominant.  Molly gives as good as she gets.  I’ve taken a few pictures and will compile those where the puppies stayed in the frame long enough to catch an image rather than a shadow.








Hey Diana, today is Marlo's b-day!! i just wanted to send you some pictures of him at a year old. He is doing very well, he enjoys playing with other dogs and his favorite game is keep away, although he is very good at dropping the ball when we ask him too. thank you again for letting us take this little guy home every one he passes on the streets can't help but smile as they look at his little face even if they want to be angry! It's pretty funny.


Can You Say "I LOVE YOU' Well the ride home was full of kisses, love and wonder. I got to drive home while Dad held his little girl on his lap. Gidget was well cared for by the folks at Alaska--she was taken off the airplane as soon as it landed and brought to the font desk area and put on top of a filing cabinet directly behind the attendant. Oohs and Aahs and what kind of dog is she followed us out to the car. She wandered around the back of the SUV for awhile and went potty in her potty yard and dragged her bully stick into the litter box while she was peeing. Then it was investigate all the goodies--take a quick drink of water and a few morsels of food. She wasn't much interested in food or water but was very curious of her surroundings. We went through a car wash and she was mildly interested by fell fast asleep in Daddy's arms as he rubbed her back, ears and tummy for over an hour. From there came the thirty minute ferry ride which she once again did a quick potty break and then slept with Dad. The ride home was spent in Daddy's arms with a quick stop at the local market for our potty break and then on to home. We dropped by the two neighbours (next door and across the street for a quick come see me in the car look. We then had two volunteers to baby sit/nanny surrogates etc. for no charge if they could care for her in our absence. We arrived home at 6pm and the little lady was full of energy so she ran aroun the x-pen and spent a bit of time looking through our house. The x-pen is a god send and our daughter-in-law the vet specialist brought us one for outside so we could potty train her there. She played herself out and immediately went to sleep in Ed's arms--where she stayed for at least an hour. Then we ate a bit of dinner and then she played for a little while in the play pen Water and Food up at 8 and more play time and sleeping--tuckered herself andEd out--thetwo of them fast asleep on the sofa. Time to put them both to bed--another potty time and beddy bye--she is so much fun and Ed--who has been seriously depressed has been reborn with just a look and one kiss. Thank you Diana so very muh--she is a god send in so many ways. She loves the dead chicken and a fluffy squeaky toy her cousin picked out for her. So far the entire family has checked in and are thrilled. Time for bed--I have been up for 36 plus hours and I am bushed. Good night Mary

Dear Diana, Luigi e he's grown a lot but is still as adorable as ever. Each day is brighter for us because of his presence in our lives . We see in him the results of your wonderful care since his birth: he's healthy, smart, and loving Wherever I take him, people comment not only about his looks but about his temperament. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas! Sincerely, Joan and Sperro Patakas njoyed his first visit with Santa and I thought you'd like to see the picture. As you'll notice P.S. The litter box is a godsend!


Hi Diana,


It seems like the last month has flown by since Jax came into our lives and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how he is doing.  GREAT!  He had his 12 week vet visit last Wednesday and he weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and the vet said he looks wonderful.  She gave him his 3rd round of shots, along with rabies and started heartworm prevention, trimmed his toenails and also microchipped him that day. He was a real trooper for the whole ordeal.  Jax


I'll have to say, this past month has been a real learning experience for us all.  I was really concerned about Katie Lou the first few days.  She seemed to hate him.  He was always nipping and tugging at her and she wasn't used to it, but after a few days, it was like there was a complete turn-around and she warmed up to him.  Now they are real pals, although sometimes he does get a little overbearing with her and aggravates the daylights out of her and she has to put him in his place.  We try to let them work it out by themselves, but occasionally he gets a little frustrated if he can't do what he wants to her and earns a little time out for himself. 


I believe this is just about the smartest little fellow we have ever had.  Sometimes his level of intelligence is almost scary.  He catches onto things so quickly and is very enterprising when it comes to working out a perplexing situation.  We are working very diligently on his worst habit, nipping and biting too hard when he plays and hanging onto our pants legs, and we are making some progress.  I'm hoping as we work through this puppy stage, it will gradually subside.  He is much better about it than he was.  He is really a chewer since his teeth are coming in and we have to watch and make sure he is supplied with plenty of things to chew and keep him busy.  He gets an A+ on the potty training and we are eternally grateful to you for the head start.  He seems to prefer to go outside now to potty, but when he can't get there, he runs straight to that little potty box.  I don't know how long his puppy stage will last but I'm sure we'll all survive.  I think he still misss his mama because he will snuggle up to his big stuffed bunny and latch onto it and paw at it.  Sometimes he is really a baby and he is SO VOCAL!.  He has more different little sounds than some babies.  If he can't get what he wants, sometimes he will get so frustrated he will have a little tantrum and roll around and make all kinds of sounds until he decides nobody is paying attention.  He seens to have a whole vocabulary of other sounds he uses to communicate with us as well as Katie Lou.  I think he is adjusting beautifully to his new home and family, though, and he is very attentive and really craves our attention which, of course, he gets constantly.  


I hope you and your family are having a very Happy Thanksgiving and we thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with Jax.  Keep in touch.


Mary and Allen Moody

Hi Diana, Thought I'd give you an update. Charlie is a doll - full of intelligence (and mischief)! We Charliehave set up an exercise pen for him downstairs with his litter box, some toys and his kennel. The first night we put him to sleep in there he figured out how to open the door. It has two latches. He was upstairs pawing and whining at our bedroom door:) Last night I thought I would outsmart him and I put a lock on the door so he couldn't get it opened. He showed up outside our bedroom door at about 5:30AM again. I came downstairs to double check that he hadn't been able to open the door. It was closed. He figured out he could climb onto his kennel and jump over I guess. It is 30" tall, which I though would be enough, but I'm thinking it isn't. He is so very smart. He does remind me of my little Jack Russell Purdy who was a major escape artist. Charlie loves leaves. Every time he goes outside he comes in with a mouth of leaves and won't let me catch him. For the night I thought it might help him to have one of those toys that makes a sound like a heartbeat. It is supposed to soothe puppies. It drove him nuts, and he soon managed to "kill" it. I found the ticking mechanism on the floor beside the toy. He got rid of that in a hurry. He is a very loving little boy who has captured lots of hearts up here. I almost forgot - he goes nuts at his reflection in the mirror. It is so funny. Cheers, Debbie 


Hi Diana,
As I sit here this morning with Brandy, I can't help but think that you should share in the pride I felt when I took her to the vet for her 12 week shots and check up. This office is a large office of 4 vets and many Jacks as clients. You and I know there is nothing cuter than a Jack puppy, but Brandy's face is a killer. What I wanted you to know was that all were Brandyamazed at her temperament. That is a tribute to you, her breeder, and first mom.

She is 7 and 3/4 lbs,with a perfect little Jack body, and a beautiful coat. We have 3 play periods a day and work on (I should say I work on) fetch and retrieving, releasing her toy when asked, and coming when called. She is so smart that we have to change things up alot to keep her engaged. Biting is still a problem, primarily with ears and hair, or anything hanging down (clothing), but she has learned to bite softer. I spend alot of time holding her bone while she chews it in my lap (stinky hands).  I am learning to type with one hand.

I hope all is well at JDS, and Bonnie is enjoying her time riding. I wish you, and your family the happiest of Thanksgivings. You have most certainly brightened ours with Ms. Brandy.
My Best

Hi,   Hope all is well with you.  We are doing fine and life is definitely full with little Riley Jr. in our lives.  He started his puppy training classes last Monday night.  It was so cold all he wanted to do is curl in our laps and sleep for most of it.  All the other puppies were just a little bit too big for his comfort zone but so far I think he is learning to sit (hee hee).  We know the class is really for us but hopefully Riley will pick up some good behavior tips - so far he seems to be a fast learner.  He is doing great Riley Jrwith the potty training (for the most part).  If he has an accident it's our fault.  Our biggest challenge right now is channeling his energy and the chewing.  YIKES!  Holly has finally accepted him and they play alot which we're really happy about.  Since Buddy died she was really becoming a slug so this has been good for her.  Riley is still not that happy about the crate and much prefers his doggie condo.  He sleeps in it all night and then about 5 or so when we let Holly out he snuggles in the bed with us.  Of course he LOVES that.  He also loves going outside with Holly and exploring and has learned to use the doggie door already.  He's doing great on the leash and is taking short walks.  For the most part we are doing our best to discipline him in a patient and consistent manner but he probably has a lot more freedom then he should.  All in all we just want to be sure he is socialized, potty trained, and respectful to our property (ha ha).  We know for sure he has a sweet spirit and is a true lover so what else could we ask for?  Thanks for brining him into our life.  :) Vicky and Bob


The Jack Russell Song-Too true not to share!


Who said Jack Russells don't have short legs? Yes they do! even the song says so.. Just a Big dog 10 INCHES tall...