Russellville Jimi

  • DOB February 10, 2010
  • Sire: Little Bud
  • Dam: Russellville Dollie
  • Lemon, stands at 10 inches and weighs 12lbs.
  • AKC- RN24049001-Cream/White
  • EJRTCA 001225-LEMON
  • CKC-04427570-
  • PLL tested Clear RUS-PLL86/13M-NOPI

  • Now At Hobbit Hill Jack Russells


Meet the parents-Both from Russellville Terriers

Little Bud (9.5 inches)

Russellville Dollie (10 1/2 inches)

All our dogs are PLL tested (Primary Lens Luxation) PLL is NOT a life threatening disease. The reason for testing is so that as a breeder we can make correct choices in mating our dogs and eliminate the potential of producing PLL affected dogs.