Yes...I Am A Breeder!


Diana Stewart JDS Jack Russells
Love what I do...or hate it, God gave us all free will..I do what fills my heart with joy. Nothing gives me a greater feeling of gratitude then seeing the many updates from the families that have adopted, purchased, bought, acquired, found, it what you want, one of my babies! I am a BREEDER and I want to say, like so many other BREEDERS I know and respect, whether they raise English Jack Russells, Australian Shepards, Dachshunds, Poodles, Doberman Pinchers, Newfoundlands, etc...WE are NOT the problem with all the unwanted and unloved pets in the world and quit frankly I'm tired of being blamed for the ACTIONS of those good folks born and raised in this DISPOSABLE society that think that their pets are disposable just like everything else developed, designed and mass produced (usually from China) and then sold in the USA. We, the collective Breeders that I know and respect have an OPEN DOOR policy. That means we will take back for any reason at any time any puppy that we have helped create. You will never see one of our (The Breeders) dogs in the back room of the local animal shelter during their final hour, if we (The Breeder) are given the chance to intervene. Besides the obvious cost of quality food, vitamins, regular worming, flea control, and yearly vaccinations for the breeding dogs there are many other costs. Genetic testing is very costly. Quality breeders will pay for these tests on their breeding stock. Additional expenses include registering a litter so a new owner can apply for papers, the multiple vet exams and health certificate, docking of tails and removal of dew claws, vaccinations and de-worming, and feeding the litter quality puppy food. A health guarantee must be factored in as well. TIME...The time we spend with each puppy can only be measured by their disposition and early socialization skills. Each puppy get's his/her own tailor made program based upon their personal learning profile. Our puppies are raised in the middle of our house not in a shed outside or a kennel in the backyard. It's our responsibility to build the best foundation we can. The end results are priceless! 
We make every attempt to be a responsible breeder. We believe responsible buyers will recognize and appreciate this effort! If your dog was acquired from a responsible BREEDER then you would never have to worry about not having a back up plan....Life happens, good people loss their jobs, people pass away, and sometimes you just have to give up your pets in order to save your family....I have a ton of respect for those people that rescue, but I know one thing for sure you are not saving one of my babies...that's my job! and I take my job very serious. 

YES I AM A BREEDER...the following is borrowed from The Dog Place but I could not have said it any better and I hope that you take the time to click on the link and read the rest because if you want to know what I and all the RESPONSIBLE BREEDER'S do in our spare time....then this is it! RIP

Do you sleep by the whelping box when a first-time bitch is due to whelp? Have you breathed life into a stillborn puppy? And cried when it died (JDS Jack Russells Personal Note: See Cyrus-one of only three puppies I've lost in 15 years) Have you studied pedigrees, planned the breeding, and watched the litter grow as proudly as the owner of a Kentucky Derby Winner once did? Then you can say with pride......


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