JDS Russellville Slugger

EJRTCA  5 Generation Pedigree 11" Tall  11 lbs. Brown and White-Smooth Coat

Slugger is a breeding male that comes from the Bright Fox Bandit,  Foxwarren, Terry Bradshaw and the Short Stop Lines. Slugger was bred by Jana Crawford of Russellville Jacks. 

PLL tested Clear JRT-PLL536/68M-NOPI

Slugger is deceased-RIP my friend!


Slugger's Mother and Father

Russellville Kowgyrl (9 inches)

Bright FoxBandit (11 inches)


All our dogs are PLL tested (Primary Lens Luxation) PLL is NOT a life threatening disease. The reason for testing is so that as a breeder we can make correct choices in mating our dogs and eliminate the potential of producing PLL affected dogs.