English Jack Russells, California Celtic Jacks and JRT


Our "California Celtic Jack" comes from the proven cross of our Irish and English "EJRTCA SHORTY JACKS" and "UKC RUSSELL TERRIERS" These bloodlines blend so well producing our CCJ (California Celtic Jack)...CCJ's are playful, exuberant and overwhelmingly affectionate. As a family member they make great companions, who are very loyal. Our "California Celtic Jacks" are versatile by nature. They are a calmer, more focused dogs. They do have less of the prey drive, and that's what makes them calmer. Perfect pets for the CROWDED but ACTIVE California life style.


The English Jack Russell's We have in our breeding program are from some of the most renowned EJCTRA Breeders and Bloodlines in the USA.. We raise "SHOW QUALITY" UKC Russell Terries-English/Irish Jack Russell Terriers and "PET QUALITY" Puddin and Shorty Jacks. Even though Our dogs are show quality, We breed to be first and foremost PETS and COMPANIONS. There is a big difference between our dogs and the JRTCA/AKC (PARSON) Jack Russell. The EJRTCA and the UKC Russell Terrier is a dog that is slightly LONGER in the body than they are TALL> If your looking at a JRT that is square (As Tall as they are long) then you are NOT looking at the "ENGLISH JACK RUSSELL TERRIER"



Russell Terriers are many things to many people.  Having wonderful sporting and working qualities, these dogs excel in hunting rodents, rabbits and vermin.  Russell Terriers also perform the job of keeping the premises free of rodents with impressive efficiency-at farms, kennels, or stables.  They are true terriers in every sense of the word.


Not all of us however have properties in need of a rodent eliminator.  What, then, about those of us who just need an all around family dog that will be fun to own, intelligent, and fit nicely into the household.  It would be impossible to improve upon a Russell Terrier as a rodent exterminator and companion.  Game and hardy as they are, they also possess a keen appreciation of comfort; they bask in being permitted to share the house or apartment with their people and even with other dogs (not just of their own breed), plus a cat or two.  How well this works depends on the owner.


The keen intelligence of a Russell Terrier always makes them interesting to have around.  Their delightful ways with people, their affection for their owners (and their eagerness for making this clear), their obvious comfort in sharing a chair, sofa, bed or curling up in your lap as you read or watch television, makes them the ideal companion not matter what your lifestyle.


Being small, Russell’s are truly a most convenient size for taking with you on your travels, and they have the ability to settle in happily in an apartment, a house in the suburbs or in the country.  Their size makes a tremendous amount of exercise unnecessary, although they do seem practically tireless accompanying you on walks.  The Russell Terrier has very few genetic problems and enjoys a long life.   They can live to be 15-16 years of age.


 The Russell Terrier is a small, agile, active hunting terrier, built to go to ground.  The length of back from withers to set-on of tail is longer than the dog’s height at the withers.  When measuring height, the length from the elbow to the ground should equal the same distance as the elbow to the top of the withers.  The head is moderately broad, with a powerful muzzle that is slightly shorter than the skull.  Ears are button, drop or rose, and are very mobile.

The tail is straight, can be carried gaily, set high, and normally docked to a length where the tip is level with the top of the ears.  Point of sternum, “breastbone”, must be very obvious.  The skin is thick and the coat is smooth, always dense and thick.  The Russell Terrier is over 51% solid white or predominately white with black, tan or brown markings.  The Russell Terrier should be evaluated as a working terrier, and exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they interfere with the dog’s ability to work.  Scars should neither be penalized nor regarded as proof of a terrier’s working abilities.



The Russell terrier is a bold, friendly, active, and alert hunting terrier.  Built for work underground, they also perform impressively at keeping farms, kennels or stables free of rodents.  This breed is notoriously fearless and requires little encouragement to go to ground.  Aggression towards anything other than legitimate quarry detracts from the dog’s ability as a working terrier and should be discouraged as much as possible.  Intelligence, delightful ways and affection for their owners make them ideal for any lifestyle from country properties to apartment settings, and being small in statue also fit nicely in travel plans.  They do seem to be tireless when outside and active, but, because of their smaller size they require less exercise than larger dogs.  These dogs are known for their excellent temperaments, and make wonderful companions.  They get along with other dogs and cats.