JDS Brightjacks Courtnye

  • Tan heavy smooth coat female
  • Sire: Denalye
  • Dam: Chillye
  • 9 inches
  • EJRTCA Registered
  • AKC RN23438801
  • BORN- 12/10/11
  • PLL cleared thru parent verification

  • Courtnye has been spayed June 26th So she can enjoy being a dog. She has been adopted by Jane Kornay.


Photo Gallery

Courtnye's Mother and Father




All our dogs are PLL tested (Primary Lens Luxation) PLL is NOT a life threatening disease. The reason for testing is so that as a breeder we can make correct choices in mating our dogs and eliminate the potential of producing PLL affected dogs.

Cleared by Parent Verification means that both parents tested clear therefor all the offspring can be nothing but clear.


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